Fitness Logo Design Ideas and Inspirations

It has become evident that people are becoming more conscious about their health. From the food they eat to the type of exercise they do, they make better choices in every way possible. As a result of this increased awareness, many businesses relating to the health and fitness industry have ...

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animated logo design

50 Animated Logo Designs That Will Make You Say ‘WoW’

‘Don’t stay still, keep moving’ No matter the industry, this sentence can be relatable. From waves lashing to a swirling kaleidoscope of colors, moving things never ceases to fascinate us. Logo designing has also jumped on this bandwagon and started to create similar stuff that leaves us in awe. Designs ...

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Logo design trends 2018

Logo Design Trends and Ideas For 2018

It is safe to say that logo design trends are a paradox, a puzzle. Depending on the brand, a logo design can stir up all sorts of feelings from nostalgia to trust. But, at times companies have experienced a significant drop in their sales when they introduced a new logo, ...

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Logo Design Inspiration

Logo Design Inspiration from JustCreative’s Jacob Cass

When it comes to Logo Design Inspiration, there are few names better that are better respected than Jacob Cass from Just Creative. Jacob has worked on some high profiles brands and sites and he is very generous when it comes to sharing his advice with other creators and logo companies. ...

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Cultural and Language Barriers – How to Work Successfully With an Overseas Design Agency

If you’re looking to outsource design work, either to sell on to a client or for your own business, then you may be considering using an overseas company to outsource to. This way, you can often find incredibly affordable white label services that are much cheaper than US-based companies while ...

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Photoshop for beginners

Photoshop for Beginners – An Introduction to Photoshop

Photoshop For Beginners - Introduction Photoshop is one of the most useful and popular tools among online workers and creative types. In fact, Photoshop is so popular in fact, that ‘Photoshopping’ a picture is now a verb recognized by pretty much everyone. And that’s because Photoshop has uses for a ...

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Video Opener

Video Opener – How to create introduction for your YouTube videos

Creating a YouTube channel is a brilliant way to draw more attention to your brand and to potentially generate some additional revenue. YouTube is a platform that is perfectly designed for bringing in more views and for helping you to reach a wide audience. That’s because it has a very ...

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how to use logos

How to Use Logos in Marketing and Branding

How to Use Logos - Introduction A logo design is an incredibly important asset for any business and its usefulness goes far beyond just the obvious applications in marketing and advertising. In this post, we’ll be counting down some of the less obvious uses of a logo and will see ...

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Illustrator for beginners

Illustrator for Beginners – A Complete Guide To Create Highly Professional Designs

Illustrator for Beginners - Introduction If you want to be a professional graphic designer, or if you’re interested in making your own designs for professional use, then you absolutely cannot avoid learning to use Adobe Illustrator. This is the premier (pun unintended) piece of software for creating vector graphics and ...

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White Label Services

Order Graphic Design in Bulk with white label services

If you’re a web design agency, then you’re probably having a great time running a business that allows you to spend all your time doing the things you love.   Working as a web designer  No doubt we are! also providing white label services with  freedom to work from anywhere you ...

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psychology logo design

Color Psychology in Logo Design

Introduction - Color Psychology in Logo Design There was a Derren Brown TV special in the UK that showed just how powerful marketing could be in terms of its effect on our psychology. In the special, Derren Brown had participants to design a logo or advert for an imaginary campaign ...

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branding vs logo design

Branding vs Logo Design – Understanding the Crucial Differences

A lot of people think that the words ‘logo design’ equate to the same thing as ‘branding’. In fact though, these are two different things entirely and it’s very important to ensure you understand the difference if you’re going to make the best impression online. Read on and we’ll address ...

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Indian Logo Design

Indian Logo Design Inspirations And Examples

Great logos can be thought of almost like flags. Except instead of representing a country, these logos are representing an organization or a brand. But in the case of a logo like the Disney logo, the Apple logo or Coca-Cola, these images can be almost as iconic and almost as ...

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MGM Logo History

MGM Logo History – Fascinating History of MGM studios Logo

Fascinating and Surprising - MGM Logo History If you ever used to watch Tom and Jerry as a kid, or if you’re a fan of classic movies, then no doubt you’ll be familiar with the classic MGM logo. As far as iconic logos go, this one is pretty hard to beat! ...

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Logo design Ideas & Trends 2016

Logo Design Ideas And Trends Of 2016

Logo Design Trends 2016 - Introduction : When choosing a logo design ideas for your business, it’s very important that you come up with something unique to you and something that will express what your company is all about. How do you provide value? What’s your industry? Your mission statement? ...

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logo design case study

Logo Design Case study – The story of Mediator Academy’s Logo

Logo Design Case Study One of the recent challenges for us was to make custom logo design case study for Mediator Academy. The company is involved in skill development of aspiring mediators by providing them with online course videos and interviews with experienced mediators. Business owners usually seek the help ...

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modern logo design company

How Modern Logo Design Companies Work

If you want your brand to be recognized around the world and if you want your website to perform as well as possible than you must look after a Modern logo design companies. A logo acts almost like a ‘title’ for your website by sitting at the top of the ...

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