In today’s bustling marketplace, capturing attention from the start is key. Your logo is often the first thing potential customers encounter, influencing their perception of your brand. But how can you design a logo that sets you apart?

Nature-inspired logo designs are on the rise because they can effectively convey authenticity, sustainability, and harmony. A Logo design agency can incorporate elements from the natural world, such as plants, animals, or landscapes, to help brands project a fresh and eco-friendly image. This will attract environmentally-conscious consumers.

Go Green, Get Seen: Stand Out with Nature-Inspired Logo Designs

Nature stirs up positive emotions and principles that deeply resonate with individuals from various cultures. The idea of growth, reflected in the natural life cycle, symbolizes advancement, evolution, and the potential for positive transformation.

The Positive Emotions And Values Associated With Nature

Harmony in nature shows balance, unity, and connection. Peace in natural places brings calm, serenity, and a break from busy life. The natural world represents renewal, resilience, and vitality. It shows us the enduring strength and adaptability found in nature. The positive emotions and values connected to nature inspire us, keep us grounded, and give us hope.

This contributes to our overall well-being and perception of the world around us. Nature-inspired logos, featuring images of trees, animals, and landscapes, resonate with a diverse audience due to their universal appeal and positive associations, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

“Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” – Saul Bass

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Design Ideas

Have you ever admired a twisting river or a grand redwood tree and thought, “That would be a perfect logo”? You’re not the only one! The wonders of nature offer endless ideas for designers, and we’ll delve into a few brand logos inspired by nature.

Nature-Inspired Logo Designs From Animals and Birds

1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The iconic WWF logo showcases a giant panda, representing the organization’s focus on endangered species and conservation efforts. The panda’s gentle yet powerful presence symbolizes the delicate balance of nature and the importance of protecting animals and their habitats. It reminds us of how connected we are to nature.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (World Wildlife Fund) - LogoWhistle

2. Duolingo

Duolingo’s logo, with an Owl as its centerpiece, symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Although not directly tied to nature, owls are commonly linked to learning and intelligence in various cultures. In this sense, the owl represents Duolingo’s mission to make language learning accessible and enjoyable, fostering a deeper understanding of the world.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Duolingo) - LogoWhistle

3. NBC

The NBC logo shows a colorful peacock, representing the network’s diverse shows and goal to attract many viewers. The peacock’s beauty and grandeur symbolize NBC’s dedication to creating captivating content, similar to nature’s fascinating wildlife.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (NBC) - LogoWhistle

4. Animal Planet

The previous logo of Animal Planet shows a leaping elephant silhouette with a globe in the background, representing the network’s commitment to highlighting the beauty of the natural world. The globe symbolizes a worldwide view, and the elephant represents the grandeur and variety of wildlife, creating a strong bond with nature.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Animal Planet) - LogoWhistle

5. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat’s logo featuring an animal outline represents their dedication to nature and animal welfare. This nature-inspired logo perfectly captures the brand’s sustainable, plant-based meat production values, resonating with customers by evoking a sense of care and eco-consciousness. The earthy tones of the logo also convey a strong stance on environmental matters.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Beyond Meat) - LogoWhistle

Nature-Inspired Logo Designs From Plants & Trees

1. Apple

The iconic Apple logo, a simple silhouette of an apple, subtly connects to nature by symbolizing vitality and knowledge. The apple’s natural connotations evoke a feeling of organic simplicity and environmental consciousness, aligning perfectly with Apple’s commitment to sustainability.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Apple) - LogoWhistle

2. Starbucks

In the Starbucks logo, you’ll find a twin-tailed mermaid that brings to mind the enchantment of the sea and its association with maritime myths. The mermaid’s aquatic symbolism underscores a profound connection to nature, in line with Starbucks’ pledge to source its coffee and encourage environmental responsibility ethically.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Starbucks) - LogoWhistle

The globally recognized green Starbucks logo is a prime instance of this. While many brands have green logos, the majority of consumers still associate Starbucks with their unique forest green design.

3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s famous tree logo represents their dedication to nature. The tree signifies the brand’s use of natural, plant-based ingredients and their strong bond with the environment. This logo is a powerful symbol of The Body Shop’s commitment to creating sustainable and cruelty-free beauty products.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (The Body Shop) - LogoWhistle

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple)

4. Whole Foods Market

The logo of Whole Foods Market showcases a cool green leaf design, representing their strong belief in natural and organic products. They truly embrace nature in their sourcing practices by giving importance to sustainability and ethical farming methods. This leaf symbolizes their unwavering commitment to offering customers top-notch, natural food choices.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Whole Foods Market) - LogoWhistle

5. Tropicana

Tropicana’s logo features a vibrant green leaf, symbolizing their connection to nature and the refreshing taste of their fruit juices. This design embodies purity, freshness, and environmental consciousness, showcasing Tropicana’s commitment to sustainability and nourishing beverages.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Tropicana) - LogoWhistle

Logo Design Inspirations From Landscape and Abstract Nature

1. Paramount Pictures: Majestic Mountain Peak (Hollywood grandeur)

Paramount Pictures’ iconic logo displays a majestic mountain peak, symbolizing grandeur and strength. This design’s connection to nature evokes a sense of awe and power, perfectly reflecting the brand’s prominence in the entertainment industry. The mountain’s timeless presence signifies stability and resilience, echoing the enduring legacy of Paramount Pictures.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Paramount Pictures) - LogoWhistle

2. The North Face

The North Face logo represents nature with a unique half-dome design, inspired by the majestic granite cliffs of Yosemite. This connection showcases the brand’s love for the outdoors and sense of adventure. It symbolizes the untamed beauty of nature and the brand’s dedication to providing top-notch gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (The North Face) - LogoWhistle

3. Shell

Shell’s logo showcases a scallop shell, capturing the beauty of nature and representing the brand’s origins in the oil industry. The shell design highlights the company’s dedication to eco-friendliness and long-term sustainability. It stands as a classic symbol of resilience, flexibility, and harmony between business and the environment.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Shell) - LogoWhistle

4. Adidas

The iconic logo of Adidas features three stripes that resemble a towering mountain, representing the brand’s resilience and ability to overcome any challenge. This design draws inspiration from the ruggedness of nature’s terrain, showcasing Adidas’ unwavering commitment to athletic excellence. It serves as a symbol of determination and pushing boundaries, reflecting the brand’s ethos of conquering obstacles and reaching new heights.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Adidas) - LogoWhistle

5. Discovery Channel

The logo of Discovery Channel captures the essence of exploration, reflecting nature’s vast landscapes and mysteries. The vibrant blue globe symbolizes Earth’s diversity, while the swoosh represents movement and discovery. It serves as a symbolic gateway to the wonders of our planet, embodying the brand’s mission to inspire curiosity and understanding of the natural world.

10+ Nature-Inspired Logo Designs for a Fresh Brand Image - (Discovery) - LogoWhistle

With Design Tips for Creating Nature-Inspired Logos, Let’s Wrap Up

When designing logos inspired by nature, finding the perfect balance between simplicity and symbolism is key. By emphasizing clean and uncluttered lines, as well as adopting a minimalist approach, these logos can communicate the brand’s message while remaining versatile.

By incorporating color palettes inspired by the natural world, including shades of green, blue, and brown, these logos not only establish a strong connection to nature but also evoke feelings of serenity, vitality, and trustworthiness. Using negative space creatively can bring a whole new dimension to a design, creating a sense of mystery and interest.

Whether it’s a towering mountain denoting strength or a delicate scallop shell symbolizing hard work and eco-consciousness, every detail should blend seamlessly with the brand’s image and connect with its viewers. By adopting these design principles, nature-inspired logos can authentically communicate, evoke emotional connections, and remain timeless.

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