Creating a YouTube channel is a brilliant way to draw more attention to your brand and to potentially generate some additional revenue.

YouTube is a platform that is perfectly designed for bringing in more views and for helping you to reach a wide audience.

That’s because it has a very social element allowing for comments and G+ integration, as well as the option to build lists of subscribers just like a mailing list.

When you combine this with the fact that video opener is incredibly emotive and engaging (and perfect for selling as a result), you have something that’s ideal as a way to build your audience and to create a stronger relationship be with them.

Video Opener -Why You Need One

So how do you go about creating a successful YouTube channel?

Well, there are many ways to answer that but we can’t cover all those things here.

Instead, let’s focus on the first thing you see when you look at most introduction video or the Video Opener.

This is the short animation, normally with music, that introduces you to the channel, shows off the brand and generally sets the scene.

It’s an invaluable tool for brand awareness and it really makes a channel seem more professional and important than it would without.

Get this wrong though and you can very quickly look very amateurish.

So what are the components of a great video opener?

Logo in Video Opener

Essentially this is going to be an animation that shows off a logo.

So to start with, you’re going to need one of those.

This is where LogoWhistle a leading logo design company can help – we’re ready and willing to create a stunning logo for your business that you can use in all kinds of ways.

Ideally, this logo will be a CAD file.

If you can get that, then it will be 3D and can therefore be included in some more professional looking 3D animations, with lighting and the rest.

But otherwise, an AI file will do the trick with a fancy backdrop.

Example for logo placement in video opener

How to create introduction for your YouTube videos - LogoWhistle
source: Bitpod

Music for Video Opener

Next, you’re going to need a jingle.

This needs to set the tone and also be somewhat memorable.

The good news is that there are normally plenty of people available who can write jingles for you.

A great place to look to begin with is on Fiverr, where you can find a lot of people willing to do this cheaply.

Animated YouTube Introduction

Finally, you’re going to need your animation.

Now you have a lot of different options here and if you look around for YouTube, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

If you want to create a generic animation for your video opener using special effects, then the best way to go ahead is by using Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas.

Either of these tools will be ideal for building something simple and you don’t need to be a whiz.

That software isn’t free though, so you could alternatively go with something very simple like a black background with your logo on top and a slight bit of movement.

Signing Off Video Opener

Better yet?

Create a video montage!

This is an easy method that doesn’t involve any advanced editing but always looks professional.

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