How to Use Logos – Introduction

A logo design is an incredibly important asset for any business, and its usefulness goes far beyond just the obvious applications in marketing and advertising. In this post, we’ll be counting down some of the less obvious uses of a logo, and will see how it can be used to further enhance your brand visibility, reputation, and more. If you’re looking to create a memorable and impactful logo for your business, consider partnering with a professional logo design company

How to Brand a Logo

On Your Website

Of course a logo can be very effective when used on a website and will in fact go on to inform the design of the rest of the site in many cases. For example, the website might inherit the basic color palette of your logo, or it might even use certain aspects of the design language (is it rounded or ‘sharp’?).

On Letter Heads Stationary

If you run a B2B service, then you might not have products or even adverts.

So what can you do?

In this case, you’ll put your logo on all correspondence including mail and invoices and again this will help remind your clients that they are doing business with you.

How to Brand a logo on Letter Heads Stationary - LogoWhistle

On Email Signatures with Logo

Likewise, you can also incorporate your logos in your emails by placing the image in your email signature.

How to Brand a  logo on Email signatures with logo - LogoWhistle

In Your Product’s Design Language

And just like a website, a product can also inherit design cues from a logo. Notice how Apple products all use a very clean and minimalist white design, just like their logo!

How to Brand a logo in your  product Design Language - LogoWhistle

On Packaging Design

Even before your buyers open their new toys though, they should be well aware of the company behind the product. Amazon is particularly adept at using its logo right on its packaging and this has helped to create an almost Freudian response to that image. Everyone loves getting packages, so this is a great association to encourage!

How  to Brand a Logo on Packaging Design - LogoWhistle

How to Market a Logo

On Social Media

One purpose of a logo is to help you create a consistent look and feel for your brand across all channels. You can do this very effectively by incorporating your logo on your Facebook Page, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn!

How to Market a Logo on social Media - LogoWhistle

In Advertising

Speaking of creating associations, this is also how an advert works. First it makes you feel good with happy music and attractive people, then it shows you the company logo design. Positive association accomplished!

How to Market a logo in Advertising - LogoWhistle

On Your Products

If you buy a piece of technology, you will almost always notice that the logo is emblazoned on those products themselves. This means that every time you use your Apple MacBook or your Surface Pro, you are providing free marketing for Apple and Microsoft respectively!

How to Market a logo on your Produts - LogoWhistle

On Fliers

If you don’t use traditional advertising, you may still use your logo on fliers, pamphlets and other materials.

How to Market a logo on Fliers - LogoWhistle

On Media

If you create YouTube videos or any other kind of media, then you may use your logos during video openers or embedded onto the footage.

How to Use Logos – Conclusion

And to be honest, we’ve only just scratched the surface! Your logo can also find its way onto apps, onto high street stores, on inbound links, and so much more. Understanding the intricacies of the logo design process is crucial to ensure that your logo meets its full potential. Your logo is going to get an awful lot of mileage, so make sure you create or commission something that you’re definitely happy with

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