When it comes to Logo Design Inspiration, there are few names better that are better respected than Jacob Cass from Just Creative.

Jacob has worked on some high profiles brands and sites and he is very generous when it comes to sharing his advice with other creators and logo design companies.

And what do you know, he has a ton of great ideas when it comes to logo design.

Let’s take a look at some of the best lessons that Jacob has shared on the subject.

Logo Design Inspiration – The Design Process

Jacob speaks as a designer, to designers and he has some invaluable advice for those looking to find work and keep their customers coming back.

He outlines the process of logo design as such:

  • Design Brief – Creating a questionnaire or interviewing the client to get the full brief
  • Research – Follow this by researching the industry and current market
  • Sketching and Conceptualizing – Spitballing ideas
  • Reflection – Taking breaks to reflect on what you’re doing and to let your ideas mature is very important. This is also a good time for feedback.
  • Positioning – Try to position yourself as a contractor in the eyes of the client in order to make a long-term relationship
  • Presentation – Present either a few of your logo ideas or your whole portfolio. The former is preferred.
  • Celebration – Of course!

While it’s up to you how you choose to proceed, Jacob and Just Creative use a 50% upfront deposit and 50% payment on completion.

This is a relatively common way of doing business in the industry.

Logo Design Ideas

When it comes to coming up with logo design ideas, creativity is of course highly important.

Jacob’s advice is to let your design ideas run wild and to sketch them down as you go, while experimenting with them on the computer.

Don’t worry about creating great looking images at this point – the focus is on coming up with ideas and thus you want to be able to iterate quickly.

Something scrawled on a page in pencil or pen is just fine!

Remember: there are no bad ideas, only bad decisions!

Logo Development

Once you’ve found an idea you like on paper, you then need to take it and try manipulating it on the computer with Adobe Illustrator as part of the Logo design package.

This way, you can play with the precise layout, sizes etc. and get an idea of how different concepts work.

Very important is the typeface you will use.

Try your logo with lots of different fonts and ask yourself not only how they look at a glance but also what they say about the company you’re working for.

Cass points out that the typeface is never set in stone.

Logo Design Rules

To help you out, Cass also outlines some rules that you should follow when coming up with a logo design.

Make sure you follow the five principles for instance:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

He also recommends learning from the successes and mistakes of other companies.

We all know the success stories by now but also look out for logos that just don’t work.

Why not?

What can you learn from that?

Oh and be sure to learn the software you’re going to be using!

Finally, make sure that you have your own process.

As Cass puts it:

“Each person’s logo design process is different and experience usually is the key factor in creating your own logo design process.”

You heard the man!

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