If you’re looking to outsource design work, either to sell on to a client or for your own business, then you may be considering using an overseas company to outsource to. This way, you can often find incredibly affordable white label services that are much cheaper than US-based companies while still offering the same quality of work (often better!).

But while this can be a great way to get great quality work for less, it is important that you recognize the challenges that a cultural divide and language barrier can pose. Read on to find out how you can navigate this potential stumbling block…


For the most part, language shouldn’t be a big issue for logo or web design (content is a different matter, of course!). That said, though, when working with a logo design company, you do need to ensure that a language barrier doesn’t prevent you from communicating what you want from your designs, or potentially lead to confusion and mistakes. One way around this problem is to try and discuss via IM rather than email where possible and to ask lots of questions while repeating key points. Another tip? Use sketches, designs, and wireframes! The great thing about design is that graphics are universal!

Cultural Differences in Approaches to Business

Cultural differences can also come up both in your communication and in the logo design itself. In terms of communication, this basically comes down to etiquette and the way you interact. While some nations will be very polite and want to make small talk, others have a much more direct approach to business. Of course this varies depending on the individual but just keep it in the back of your mind before you get offended by something someone says (or doesn’t say!).

Cultural Differences in Logo Design

Look at logos abroad, and you might notice they appear to have almost a ‘cultural identity’. Similarities exist in the approach, and this can almost give away where they’re from. What’s important is that your design company can think outside their usual confines and come up with something that is right for your business and your market as part of the logo design process.

Different colors for instance have different connotations in different colors. The same can go for animals or logos. Is white a symbol of purity? Or does it represent death? Should your logo be grand and regal, or young and hip? You can read a bit more about these differences from another professional here.

Try to look for companies that have a diverse range of clientele from around the world. Here at LogoWhistle, we work with clients from every corner of the globe and we know how to adapt our designs to match the audience, tone and industry. In fact, some clients might even ask us to design multiple logos for different regions and that way ensure that every logo is on point!

Ultimately, the diverse blend of cultures and design approaches is what makes the web such a fascinating and beautiful place. As long as you know how to overcome some potential challenges with communication, you can take full advantage of that!

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