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Great logos can be thought of almost like flags. Except instead of representing a country, these logos are representing an organization or a brand. And you may get inspired to see our Indian logo design.

But in the case of a logo like the Disney logo, the Apple logo or Coca-Cola, these images can be almost as iconic and almost as recognizable. This recognition and iconic status are often the results of a meticulous and creative logo design process

In fact, if you were to survey the world’s population, you would probably find that more people recognize the Coca-Cola logo or McDonald’s than they do flags of smaller countries! That’s because these companies and their branding have transcended culture to become universal symbols! For those looking to create their own logo design package, consider looking into our logo design package for a comprehensive solution to your branding needs.

But that’s okay. Because you know what? Sometimes these logos can represent the countries they’re from as well!

Take Coca-Cola for instance.

This is not only a logo that we associate with the fizzy drink… we also associate it with America! And the same goes for McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, something like Aston Martin is quintessentially British. So is Twinings.

Creative Indian Logo Design :

But what about India?

What are India’s top brands and logos?

Let’s take a look at some classic examples of Indian logo design!

Kingfisher Indian Logo Design :

Kingfisher beer is known all around the world thanks to its association with curry.

But what has also helped to ensure the beer enjoys such accolade and fame is the excellent logo.

Of course Kingfisher logo features the bird, which is hovering just above the word mark, emblazoned on a red and gold ribbon.

The colors red and gold manage to make the Kingfisher logo look very regal and important, while the bird serves not only to create an emblem and an association, but also as a great mascot that can be used in marketing.

Best Indian Company Logo Design(kingFisher)- LogoWhistle

Adani Indian Logo Design:

The Adani logo is an Indian logo design with a very simple word mark that uses a slick font and a rainbow effect for the coloring.

The combination of the fonts and the colors in Adani logo give the image a very clean and modern look, which works especially well for a business that has a strong emphasis on being ecofriendly and sustainable.

Simple sans-serif fonts like this are very popular in today’s minimalist web design age and the lower case letters also help to give the Adani logo an ‘understated’ and almost humble look.

A very similar font is also used throughout the website, creating a great sense of consistency.

Best Indian Company Logo Design(Adani)- LogoWhistle

Dabur Indian Logo Design :

Dabur is a company that produces Ayurvedic herbal products. The Dabur logo is a flat design icon.

That is to say that it doesn’t feature shading or 3D effects but rather looks as though it has been made with a stencil.

If you look more closely to the Dabur Logo, you can also notice that the tree appears to be made from three people throwing their hands in the air, while the leaves create almost a firework effect.

It has a subtle ‘joyous’ and healthy vibe to it that also works well for the industry.

The choice of a tree and the dark green lettering both send a clear signal that this is a natural product.

At the same time though, the stencil-effect image gives the Dabur Logo a symbol that it can use in a versatile range of scenarios.

Best Indian Company Logo Design(Dabur)- LogoWhistle

Kotak Indian Logo Design :

The Kotak logo is a logo that can appeal to Indian clients as well as those outside the country.

That’s because Kotak logo features both the English ‘K’ and the Devanagari script together.

Otherwise it’s a relatively plain logo however being mainly a word mark.

Still, this is fitting for a serious industry such as banking!

Best Indian Company Logo Design(Kotak)- LogoWhistle

Tata Indian Logo Design :

The Tata logo manages to be vaguely aspirational while also being slick, modern and versatile.

The word mark in Tata logo is simply formed of the company’s name, written in a minimalist manner.

This is placed beneath a central icon that appears to represent a road that forks in two directions.

This works for a number of reasons. And Tata logo is best among all Indian logo design.

For starters, Tata Group is involved in the automotive industry since purchasing various car companies (including Jaguar and Landrover). Thus the roads make sense.

At the same time, the roads in Tata logo could be seen to represent choices, the future or freedom – all great associations to have with your business.

But most obviously, the fork in the road (T junction) creates the first letter of the company’s name!

This is a great example of minimalism in logo design because it manages to convey a lot of information and ideas while using relatively few strokes and details in the image!

Best Indian Company Logo Design(Tata)- LogoWhistle

 Winding Up – Indian Logo Design :

As you can see then, there are plenty of excellent examples of Indian logo design . And in short, the very same things that make a Western logo great work in India as well! The key is to create something that can communicate the ethos, industry and ideals of your business without the need to explicitly state it.

And once you manage that?

Then your logo will work anywhere in the world!

Welcome to LogoWhistle! We are so excited to have you here. If you have any questions about our logo design services, would like to talk about a project, or just need to get in touch, please feel free to contact us.