If you want your brand to be recognized around the world and if you want your website to perform well, then you must look for a modern logo design company. A logo acts almost like a ‘title’ for your website by sitting at the top of the page and creating a context for everything that follows. It’s what you’ll use to create unity and consistency throughout your content, your products and your services and it will be front and center in all your marketing.

For all these reasons, it’s crucial that you get it right. And unless you’re a graphic artist yourself, that means hiring a logo design company. Could you create something on your own for less? Maybe. But in all likelihood it just wouldn’t look as professional or perform as well as something that a professional team would make for you. At the end of the day, you’d be squeezing your logo design in around all your other duties and using the tools available. A logo design company has years of experience, cutting edge tools and lots of time to dedicate to the creation of your logo. Of course this is going to result in a superior design!

You can create something yourself if you like but ultimately it will undermine the professionalism of your business and hurt its reputation.

Working with Modern Logo Design company

So if you want to get a high quality logo designed,brand logo for your site, you need to use a high quality, modern logo design company to do it. So what process should you expect and what will the process of working with them be like?

Touch with Modern logo design company

Once you’ve found the modern logo design company you want to work with (pick us!), you’ll need to touch base and open the lines of communication.

In most cases, this will begin with the company asking you a few things and getting some resources and direction from you. Of course they can’t just jump straight in and start designing the logo without any idea what your company is about!

So some things they might need to see/learn about are:

  • Any previous logo you have that wants updating (as opposed to something being designed completely from scratch)
  • Any colors you need including (if you have an existing brand then it might need to include the precise same color code in order to match that color)
  • Your current website (if that is where it will be going)
  • A description of your company and what it does
  • Your company ‘mission statement’ and target audience (these things will affect the style and tone of your logo)
  • A description of how and where the logo is to be used
  • Examples of logos you like
  • Any specific elements that you would like to be included
  • Your own sketches and designs

At this point, the more information and ideas that you can give the company, the closer that it will be to what you envisaged.

Modern logo design company process

At this point, your logo design company will be in a position to begin designing and creating your logo. In most cases, this will mean starting with some initial sketches and ideas before moving onto work in Illustrator or another piece of vector design software.

What is a vector? Essentially it’s a type of image that can be easily resized and edited with no loss in quality. It works by giving the browser a set of instructions to follow to recreate the image – such as ‘draw line 90 degrees 30 pixels’ as opposed to being a ‘map’ of pixels. That means that the instructions can simply be scaled up or down to change the resolution.

On top of this, your logo design company might also use other software such as Photoshop, Gimp or other editing programs even brand tools for editing. These can be used to alter things like the color, the lighting and more, or to add special effects.

As most guidelines now prefer flat, minimal designs, the use of Photoshop or similar is less common and prevalent compared with vector software.

Usually, most modern logo design companies will create more than one logo for you to look at. You can then choose the one you like the most and suggest changes. Once you find something you’re happy with, they’ll finalize the design and should provide you with all the materials including lots of different files. This will allow you to employ your logo however you see fit across your websites, apps and more and to make edits and changes as you see fit.

Communication and Stages

Communication is highly important throughout this entire process while in touch with modern logo design companies, which is why we always ask our clients to let us know the best way to contact them. Whether you prefer Skype, email or chatting on the phone; we’ll find a way to work that fits your workflow and is convenient for you.

This then allows us to communicate in a number of stages to meet the requirements outlined above. Roughly, that means:

  • Getting in touch to learn the client’s requirements and existing resources
  • Creating initial mockups based on those instructions
  • Getting feedback from the client
  • Making additional changes and tweaks to the final design
  • Getting approval on the final logo (we’ll repeat stages 3-4 as many times as necessary to get to this point!)
  • Sending over all the files

It’s a remarkably simple workflow but it’s one that has been proven to deliver the best results. If you’re ready to get started with stage one, then get in touch today!