Animated Logo Designs With 50 Custom Logo Animation

‘Don’t stay still, keep moving’

No matter the industry, this sentence can be relatable.

From waves lashing to a swirling kaleidoscope of colors, moving things never ceases to fascinate us.

Logo designing has also jumped on this bandwagon and started to create similar stuff that leaves us in awe.

Designs that bounce, dance, and swim are remembered for a long time. Animated logo design has the power to get people’s attention and make the brand memorable. Also, they are one of the biggest logo design process trends right now.

We have collected the best examples and the most inspiring animated logo design that have been created.


50 Logo Design And Animation Examples

1. Flying Pig

Animated Logo Designs(Flying pig cafe) - LogoWhistle

2. Untime

Animated Logo Designs (Untime) - LogoWhistle
Animated Logo Designs(Amazon) - LogoWhistle

4. Wunderkraut

Animated Logo Designs(wunder kraut) - LogoWhistle

5. Holla

Animated Logo Designs(Holla) - LogoWhistle

6. Arcus Hunting

Animated Logo Designs(Arcus hunting ) - LogoWhistle

7. Bigdinner

Animated Logo Designs(BigDinner) - LogoWhistle

8. Bop

Animated Logo Designs(Bop) - LogoWhistle

9. Google

Animated Logo Designs(Google) - LogoWhistle

Best Logo Animation Services

10. Pixate

Best logo Animation Services(Pixate) - LogoWhistle

11. Firefox

Best logo Animation Services(Firefox) - LogoWhistle

12. Bolt

Best logo Animation Services(Bolt) - LogoWhistle

13. Sunrise

Best logo Animation Services(Sunrise) - LogoWhistle

14. Cubstudio

Best logo Animation Services(cubstudio) - LogoWhistle


Best logo Animation Services(cubstudio) - LogoWhistle

16. Fedex

Best logo Animation Services(Fedex) - LogoWhistle

17. Fanta

Best logo Animation Services(Fanta) - LogoWhistle

18. Colorfull

Best logo Animation Services(Colorfull) - LogoWhistle

19. Flatout

Best logo Animation Services(Flatout) - LogoWhistle

20. Fuuto

Best logo Animation Services(fuuto) - LogoWhistle

21.Giraffe club

Best logo Animation Services(Giraffe club) - LogoWhistle

22. du

Best logo Animation Services(Du) - LogoWhistle

23. One two

Best logo Animation Services(One two) - LogoWhistle

24. Glug

Best logo Animation Services(Glug) - LogoWhistle

25. Blue

Best logo Animation Services(Blue) - LogoWhistle

26. Illegal

Best logo Animation Services(illegal) - LogoWhistle

27. Instagram

Best logo Animation Services(Instagram) - LogoWhistle

28. Katenitza

Best logo Animation Services(Katenitza) - LogoWhistle

29. Kreatank

Best logo Animation Services(Kreatank) - LogoWhistle

Top Animated motion logo design

30. Linkedin

Top Animated motion logo design(Linked in) - LogoWhistle

31. Live wild

Top Animated motion logo design(Live Wild) - LogoWhistle

32. Digital studio

Top Animated motion logo design(Digital Studio) - LogoWhistle

33. Mailchimp

Top Animated motion logo design(Mailchimp) - LogoWhistle

34. Meteor

Top Animated motion logo design(Meteor) - LogoWhistle

35. Milepie

Top Animated motion logo design(Mile pie) - LogoWhistle

36. Momentum

Top Animated motion logo design(Momentum) - LogoWhistle

37. Nike

Top Animated motion logo design(Nike) - LogoWhistle

38. Panda

Top Animated motion logo design(Panda) - LogoWhistle

39. Pigeon

Top Animated motion logo design(Pigeon) - LogoWhistle

40. Pinterest

Top Animated motion logo design(Pinterest) - LogoWhistle

41. Pics

Top Animated motion logo design(Pics) - LogoWhistle

42. Sello

Top Animated motion logo design(Sello) - LogoWhistle

43. Tordo

Top Animated motion logo design(Tordo) - LogoWhistle

44. Sketch

Top Animated motion logo design(Sketch) - LogoWhistle

45. Sleepy panda

Top Animated motion logo design(Sleepy panda) - LogoWhistle

46. Smile

Top Animated motion logo design(Smile) - LogoWhistle

47. Smart list

Top Animated motion logo design(Smart list) - LogoWhistle

48. Spotify

Top Animated motion logo design(Spotify) - LogoWhistle

49. Sweet Crude

Top Animated motion logo design(Sweet crude) - LogoWhistle

50. University

Top Animated motion logo design(University) - LogoWhistle

Animated Logo Design  And Logo Animation Software

51. Vimeo

Logo Animation Software(Vimeo) - LogoWhistle

52. Wave house

Logo Animation Software(WaveHouse) - LogoWhistle
  • Render Forest animation software
  • Aurora animation software
  • Wondershare Filmora animation software

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