JC-Barnett-logo-mockup-design JC-Barnett-logo-mockup-design JC-Barnett-logo-mockup-design JC-Barnett-logo-mockup-design JC-Barnett-logo-mockup-design

JC Barnett School of Jump Shooting

A Logo that Empowers Aspiring Basketball Players


Nestled in the heart of North Indiana, the JC Barnett School Of JumpShooting is a haven for aspiring basketball players seeking to elevate their game to the next level. 

Guided by the passion and expertise of Coach JC Barnett, the school instills in its students the skills and dedication necessary to excel on the court.

The school’s logo, a dynamic fusion of basketball and geography, perfectly encapsulates its mission and spirit. The silhouette of a player, poised to unleash a powerful jump shot, symbolizes the school’s focus on developing exceptional shooting skills. The silhouette’s position within the outline of the Indiana state map highlights the school’s deep-rooted connection to the region and its commitment to nurturing local talent.

JC Barnett-logo-light-version
JC Barnett-logo-dark-version

The bold orange color, reminiscent of the fiery energy of the game, represents the school’s unwavering passion for basketball and its enthusiasm for empowering young athletes. The dark grey color, complementary to the orange, adds an element of sophistication and professionalism, establishing the school as a reputable institution dedicated to basketball excellence.

The JC Barnett School Of JumpShooting logo is more than just a visual representation of the school’s name; it is a symbol of aspiration, empowerment, and the pursuit of basketball mastery. It is a beacon of hope for young athletes in North Indiana, inspiring them to reach for their dreams and achieve greatness on the court.