We Love Professional Logo Design!

Logowhistle.com serves as a one-stop shop for all your modern logo design needs. With over 12 years of experience in creating unique and rich designs for logos and websites, we have come out with our own custom logo design website to establish a platform between us and our clients. We are a Coimbatore based logo design company with a vision and talent to understand customers from all over the world and serve them to complete satisfaction. Being a proud brainchild of colorwhistle.com, logowhistle.com is determined to take logo design services to a whole new level and provide unique, trendy and extraordinary logo designs for our customers.

The Story behind

Every piece of art has an underlying story, an emotion and a history behind it and logo designs are no different from them. We believe that, to create a unique logo, a theme has to be envisioned. That theme should speak about everything that the client feels proud about his/her company. The logo may carry the company's history, its progress or the path it travelled.

We wanted the logo of colowhistle.com to carry the theme of our company- a new age digital media company. Sometimes, the best of ideas reap from the simplest of thoughts. We discovered a “hi” inside “ColorWhistle” and all of a sudden it got us obsessed. What could be a better way to connect with customers than the customary yet friendly “hi”? The fact that it is a universal expression for a conversation starter made it all the more intriguing and so we decided to highlight it in the logo.

The “Whistle” in color whistle was placed above “hi” to make it look like a casual whistle to connect your friends. We then decided to paint the background with red, orange and maroon as these colors represent passion, battle, leadership, courage, action and stability – the qualities that we thrive on at ColorWhistle. Thus the logo for ColorWhistle was born- simplistic yet powerful in the message it conveys.


Upon creating LogoWhistle.com, we wanted the logo to inherit the qualities of ColorWhistle.com and hence decided to highlight the whistle. Some concepts we tried are shown below:


Why Us?

This is what we are. We, at LogoWhistle, are passionate about design and would love to make pictures speak volumes for you. We don’t create logos out of instructions; we create them out of inspirations. We go that extra mile for the smallest of strokes because we believe that in a picture, a willing eye can read even between the invisible lines. Come tell us your story today and create a whole new identity for you and your brand.


Along with the logo design, LogoWhistle does assorted creative design services for your organizations’ aesthetic needs. Some, not all, of the services are as follows:

  • Logo Designs
  • Business Card Designs
  • Letterhead, Cover letter, envelope and stationary designs
  • Flyer, Brochure and Poster Designs
  • Social media page designs- Facebook timeline designs, graphics for blog posts, twitter & LinkedIn header design, company page banner design etc.
  • Infographic designs
  • Banner ads and custom blog post graphics
  • Corporate presentations and e-Brochure designs

We have never stopped learning and we never will. We love to expand our horizons and as a result we have spread out our colorful wings to the technical aspects of design as well. Our other range of services include

  • Web Design
    • Fireworks or Photoshop mockup design
    • High fidelity wireframe designs
  • PSD to HTML markup development
  • PSD to WordPress CMS development
  • PSD to e-Commerce store development
  • Custom PHP website development
  • Open source website development
  • Web application development

If you are interested in hiring us for any or many of the above listed services or if you have a whole new level of interesting work for us, contact us now.

We are all ears to hear stories,
gather inspiration and create unique designs.