Custom E-commerce Website Development Case Study

ecommerce website development case study

How We Built a Custom E-commerce Website From Scratch?

Project Details

  • Industry – E-commerce
  • Technology used – WordPress, WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
  • Region – India


Our team had a call with the client to understand what they needed. Post the elaborate discussion, here’s what they expected,

    The Team

    • Project Coordinator : 1
    • UI / UX Designer : 1
    • Developer: 1


    One of our clients wanted to start a business selling gifts for pregnant women. They wanted to offer subscription boxes like mama and baby boxes with 5-7 full-sized exciting items like organic bath and beauty, certified baby products, growth-stimulating toys, books and activities, apparel and accessories, and other exciting surprises. The monthly delivery of the products is customized based on mama’s due date or the baby’s age.

    The client explained that from a doctor’s appointment to baby-proofing, expecting mothers have a lot on their to-do list. They tackle these tasks while going through some uncomfortable physical changes. Presents help expecting moms to navigate the changing tides of pregnancy and make it smooth and memorable. That’s why they entered this business.

    They reached out to ColorWhistle to seek our expertise in e-commerce website design and development.

    Let’s take a look at how we helped our client to create a fully functional e-commerce website according to their expectations.


    Here is our approach and how we developed the e-commerce website from scratch.

    Website builder

    There are numerous e-commerce platforms available in the market that are easy to use and affordable. For this project, we used WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

    Domain name registration and web hosting

    Our client already had a domain name in mind, so we looked them up and it was available. We registered for the domain name and then bought the hosting from SiteGround

    Design of the e-commerce website

    We have gone through the functionality of their competitor websites and analyzed the WooCommerce themes and subscriptions features to create a website design to meet their requirements. We have given importance for text size, font, the color of the theme, products position, user experience and so on


    Post the design approval from the client, we started the development of the website. We build the website with proper SSL certificates as it encrypts user data, optimizes user experience, and makes online shopping secure. We also made the subscription customization that the client requested along with Razorpay payment gateway integration. Additionally, we also integrated different shipping options to deliver the products properly along with shipment tracking

    Product page

    Based on our research, we added visible product description that did not take too much of space, videos, discounting system, and proper notifications

    Setting of the store

    Next we altered the store settings and changed the preferences of languages, currency, time zones, address, store name, contact details, interesting stories of mom’s, setting of order and more to properly set the store

    Testing and making the site live

    In this last step, before publishing the site, we ran extensive tests according to our checklist. We did not want to have any issues that will dampen the user experience and sales of the site. So, we thoroughly monitored the checkout process and functionality of the site. Next, we moved the site to live


    The design and development phase of the site took some time and research to customize it according to the requirements of the client. The client was also very helpful in providing the content-related information, images, and also in reaching the customer support for any queries related to the subscription process. This combined with our attention to detail and elaborate planning helped a lot in the execution.

    Here are some things they experienced once the site was made live.

    • E-commerce website helped to express their business model and position themselves as an upcoming competitor
    • Fully responsive e-commerce website helped expecting mom’s or their loved one’s place orders from any device
    • Subscription features, switching the subscriptions and collecting the proration amount based on the switch
    • Easily complete actions like search, discover and repeat orders by utilizing an online checkout system.
    • User-centric experience that highlighted the gifts sold for expecting moms

    ColorWhistle offers the best e-commerce website development services. We can create personalized plans according to every client’s unique requirements. With our proficiency in the latest technology, we create cutting-edge and robust online stores tailored to your specifications. From multi-store e-commerce development to third-party API integration, we take care of everything.

    At ColorWhistle, we follow the best standards for ecommerce development to expand the functionality of your website. For any queries regarding custom travel website development, please contact us anytime.

    About the Author - Sankarnarayan. R

    The founder and mastermind behind ColorWhistle is Sankarnarayan, a professional with over fourteen years of experience and a passion for website design services and digital marketing services. At ColorWhistle, our team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we always put our clients’ satisfaction first. This is what sets us apart from the competition – an eye for detail and the best website development services from the start to the completion of your project.