Branding / Rebranding Visualization with UseCases – How to build your brand?

January 21, 2022
Branding & Re branding Visualization with Use Cases - How to build your brand

Branding is the set of activities which comes under marketing that helps to enhance your brand and thereby improve brand awareness and brand popularity. Branding helps your brand to be identified, remembered and in turn create a loyal customer base for your business.

Brand is your business, while branding is the set of all activities you do to keep your brand known. And, there are no set of rules and tasks when it comes to branding.

Branding helps to

  • Turn your first time buyers to long term customers
  • Increase customer base
  • Keep your business remembered in the minds of your customers
  • Stand out from the crowd and competition

In this article, we would like to cover a few use cases and explain how branding can enhance the digital visibility of your brand.

Branding in Digital Marketing

Marketing takes most of its essence from the brand. Whenever a brand intends to pitch in marketing, the primary touch point will be to focus on the ‘story of the brand’. It is also important to define how we want our client to absorb the brand.

  • Is the brand professional or fun loving?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the brand’s positioning?
  • What is the brand story?

The above questions will help you take the first step.

Remember, designing a logo doesn’t mean you have covered branding. There’s a lot more to it.

Here’s an infographic from gistbrands about the brand spectrum. 

Brand-Spectrum - Branding in Digital Marketing​

Elements of Branding

“Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.”

Mark Cuban

A best possible business can be built starting from the best possible branding strategy. Branding can include a lot of activities based on the business requirements. Here is a list of elements that can be included in branding.

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Folders
  • Letterheads
  • Magnetic cards
  • Stickers
  • Billboards
  • Standees
  • Social Media Presence
  • Business Profile
  • Brand Guide
  • Publications
  • Branding Materials ( TShirt, Mug, Photo Frames, Pens, Vehicles, Office Signage, ID Cards etc. )
  • Email Signatures
  • Presentations
  • Brand Videos
  • Packaging Design

The list is exhaustive and you can add anything to it based on your business needs. Not all the above listed items are necessary for every brand. But most of them are covered here.

Now that we have covered the basics, let us create 4 imaginary use cases and do branding for them.

Few things to note:

  1. The use cases and business names are imaginary (We took a behavioral pattern from our inbound enquiries and created them)
  2. The designers are from ColorWhistle
  3. The Client (Who gives feedback and approvals) is the ColorWhistle Digital Marketing Team 🙂

Let’s start with this interesting workshop experience.

1. Branding for an Online Travel Agency

Here is the description/brief for our first workshop which is branding for an online travel agency

  • Company Name: Fly Whistle
  • Tagline : Fly High-Five
  • Target Audience: Flights booking with the cheaper flight route
  • Audience Type: Mature | Economical | Age 25-65 Primarily Male
  • Brand Presence: Online, Primarily in Website, Facebook, Instagram and Ads
  • Brand Colors: Vibrant and Friendly

Let’s see how this branding project shapes up.

Logo Design

The Logo Design started with analysing the colors and typography. As the brief demanded vibrant colors, we created three concepts and chose one.

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - logo design

Brand Guidelines

Once the logo is ready, it’s important we create the Brand Guidelines. This will help to maintain the design aesthetics that was intended to be followed throughout the life cycle of the brand. Wherever the brand is being referred to, used or implemented, the guidelines need to be followed.

Be it the size of the logo or the types of images needs to be used, the negative usage of the logo, the size of the icons – Everything needs to be properly defined and determined in the Brand Guide. The same needs to be followed when any marketing material is created and distributed.

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - brand guide

Now that we have the logo and the guide on how to use them, let’s create the below:

  • Facebook Timeline
  • 3 Ad Banners
  • An online Presentation template
  • An online Flyer
  • An Email Signature
  • T-shirt design

As this business is purely online we do not have the need for Business cards, Letterheads, envelopes etc.

Social Media Images

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - social media design
Branding for an Online Travel Agency - social media

Ad Banners

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - ad banners

Email Signatures

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - email-signature

Online Presentations with Google Slides

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - presentations

Digital Flyers / Banners

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - flyers & banners

T Shirt Designs

Branding for an Online Travel Agency - t shirt designs

In addition to all these branding items, based on the necessity, we can go with online brochures, landing pages and custom pdf templates, invoice templates etc.

And when there is an event FlyWhistle can opt for printables to give away like Mugs, Caps, TShirts etc.

The above is a classic example of what you can expect in a branding project. Branding helps to spread your business and attract customers.

2. Branding for an Online Education Platform

The second workshop is branding for an online education platform that provides online courses specifically on DataScience and BigData along with certifications

  • Company Name:
  • Tagline : Nil
  • Target Audience: Aspirants / Students who are looking to learn data science and big data
  • Audience Type: Mature | Tech Aspirants | Age 20-35 | Preferably male
  • Brand Presence: Global and Local
  • Brand Colors: Warm, Friendly and corporate

This is an interesting niche and let us see how we can help this brand get into this world wide digital arena.

Logo Design

The designers have come up with 3 options as usual and the team has selected 1 to move forward. The logo below is simple, effective, warm and rememberable

Branding for an Online Education Platform - logo design

Brand Guidelines

As this brand is global and local, the branding should be on both the fronts. has a physical edu centre in a prominent place in the city and they are expecting to admit students in their premises for a more enriched learning experience.

Classes can also be online and the tests will be conducted virtually too. The audience is 50-50 and they are receiving a lot of requests for in-person and one-to-one training too.

The brand should reflect this culture in their designs and is very particular that they should be recognized as a global brand in 3 years of their commencement.

Branding for an Online Education Platform - brand guide

Above is the Brand Guide and other items we have planned and provided them. Design team will work on an on-demand basis when there is a necessity of a particular design piece.

  • Business Card | Envelope | Letterhead Design
  • Social Media Profile
  • Facebook Timeline
  • LinkedIn Header
  • Instagram Initial Feed
  • TShirt and Mugs
  • Folder Design
  • Pamphlet
  • Store Standee
  • Office BillBoard


Branding for an Online Education Platform - branding

Email Signature

Branding for an Online Education Platform - email-signature

Social Media Banners

Branding for an Online Education Platform - social media timelines

Standee (For Stalls)

Branding for an Online Education Platform - standee

T Shirt Designs

Branding for an Online Education Platform - t shirt design

Sample Billboard

Branding for an Online Education Platform Bill board

The above designs along with proper digital marketing strategy and an effective website, will be able to keep their first step in the business.

3. Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client

Branding and Rebranding are two different things. While branding has an open field to explore and play, rebranding has the ethics already built and defined. Businesses opt for rebranding when they think they need a change in terms of business vision and values. Rebranding can help a business get that attention which they might have lost due to their old customs and strategies.

Rebranding for an enterprise client is a challenging task. It’s as good as revisiting all their existing systems and cultures and getting them ready mentally and physically for a fresh makeover.

Here is our imaginary client

  • Company Name:
  • Tagline : Nil
  • Target Audience: Large companies who focus on delivering solutions based on supply chain and operations
  • Audience Type: Mature | Companies with 1000+ employees
  • Brand Presence: Global and Local
  • Brand Colors: Corporate and Professional

Here is their original old logo which was done 15 years ago

Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - old logo design

Lets start with the rebranding for

Rebranding for enterprise should be carried out in steps. Forbes suggest these steps for successful rebranding

1) Do your research
2) Invite input (but not too much!)
3) Be clear about what you want to accomplish
4) Get buy-in from the right constituents
5) Put a process in place to ensure consistency and longevity

Logo Design

Redesigning the logo with the company’s current values and culture is a challenge here. Keeping in mind the audience and the nature of the business, we have come up with few options and have finalised one.

Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - logo design

Brand Guide

The clients of this enterprise solutions provider are more professional. Hence we should be careful in building the brand guide along with the colors. Brand guide should reflect the mood and the culture of the organization and also explain how the brand can be absorbed in social media and anywhere outside the organization

Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - brand guide

With these rules in place, we can go ahead and design the following

  • Business Cards Template (One template for all employees)
  • Stationary Branding
  • Hanging tags in ceiling
  • Office Reception Revamp
  • Brand Colors Distribution
  • Online Banners / Ads / Name Board Revisit / Office Walls / Cubicle Branding

We would like to cover the above, as we have covered general stuff in the other workshops.

Let’s get started.

Office Rebranding

Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - officemockup
Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - officemockup

Office Magazine Covers

Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client -MAGAZINE-COVER


Rebranding for an Enterprise Consultant Client - BRANDING

With elements like the above, we can rebrand an existing brand to emphasize more on the culture and vision of the business. Effectively rebranding each and every material in the office will give a new perspective to the business and will ensure your employees migrate to the new revamped culture along with the rich heritage of the old.

What's Next?

Now that you have a rough idea of what to expect from a branding studio or how to plan your branding along with marketing, its the right time you set in touch with a design agency that also has a marketing eye 🙂

Branding is the face of every business. So plan and execute your branding strategy with experts who are ready to listen, understand and bring all your vision to reality. 

ColorWhistle has been into branding and Website Development for the past 5 years and we have helped multiple business achieve their goals in terms of marketing and custom design and development. Contact us for any branding or customized website needs and we are happy to help.

PS:- We plan to come up with new use cases and industries. Do watch out this space for more branding visualizations.

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