Top Influencer Logo Design Ideas and Inspirations

Without trust, business conversions are impossible. This is why many companies use influence marketing to easily reach their target audience. Influence marketers target a specific group of people rather than targeting the entire market. By identifying suitable influencers, a company can improve the trust factor which will result in higher ...

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Real Estate Logo Design Inspiration- It’s Time To Influence House Hunters!

Best Luxury Real Estate Logo Design Ideas A creative real estate logo design plays a crucial role in the branding of a real estate business. If you’re trying to create a new logo design from scratch or looking for a logo redesign, either way, you need some inspiration to get ...

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church logo design images

Church Logo Design Ideas And Inspirations

Creative Church Logo design Ideas Today’s world is getting so professional that even churches have to find a way to portray their image and values to people. An easy way for churches to achieve it is with logos. You may be reaching out to people for a long time but, ...

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animated logo design

50 Animated Logo Designs That Will Make You Say ‘WoW’

Animated Logo Designs With 50 Custom Logo Animation ‘Don’t stay still, keep moving’ No matter the industry, this sentence can be relatable. From waves lashing to a swirling kaleidoscope of colors, moving things never ceases to fascinate us. Logo designing has also jumped on this bandwagon and started to create ...

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Video Opener

Video Opener – How to create introduction for your YouTube videos

Creating a YouTube channel is a brilliant way to draw more attention to your brand and to potentially generate some additional revenue. YouTube is a platform that is perfectly designed for bringing in more views and for helping you to reach a wide audience. That’s because it has a very ...

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how to use logos

How to Use Logos in Marketing and Branding

How to Use Logos - Introduction A logo design is an incredibly important asset for any business and its usefulness goes far beyond just the obvious applications in marketing and advertising. In this post, we’ll be counting down some of the less obvious uses of a logo and will see ...

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color Psychology logo design

Color Psychology in Logo Design

Introduction - Color Psychology in Logo Design There was a Derren Brown TV special in the UK that showed just how powerful marketing could be in terms of its effect on our psychology. In the special, Derren Brown had participants to design a logo or advert for an imaginary campaign ...

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branding vs logo design

Branding vs Logo Design – Understanding the Crucial Differences

A lot of people think that the words ‘logo design’ equate to the same thing as ‘branding’. In fact though, these are two different things entirely and it’s very important to ensure you understand the difference if you’re going to make the best impression online. Read on and we’ll address ...

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