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A Short Background of Coimbatore

Coimbatore is a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city is also known as ‘Manchester of South India’ and ‘Pump City’. It is famous for,

  • Siruvani – claimed to be the World’s second tastiest water
  • Historical temples
  • Textiles, industries, commerce, education, information technology, healthcare, and manufacturing
  • Tasty ‘Kongu Foods
  • Picturesque mountains and waterfalls
  • Pleasant weather throughout the year
  • People who are loved for their friendly ‘Kongu Tamil

After Chennai, Coimbatore is the second largest industrial city in Tamil Nadu. It has grown into an economic powerhouse and prides itself on being self-made.

The city is now utilizing its position as the pre-eminent economic hub to attract and nurture talent; participate in ongoing state and national initiatives; and expande the ease of doing business.

The growth of Graphic Designing in Coimbatore

Being an industrial hub, many companies in Coimbatore find themselves racing towards grabbing the attention of consumers. As a result, more and more companies are creating newer and memorable digital designs to snatch user attention and express their core values uniquely.

Under the digital design category, logo designs play a crucial role. Which is why we’ve analyzed 50+ logo designs of Coimbatore in terms of their aesthetics and design principles.

Let’s take a look at some of the logo designs based on Coimbatore companies and industries.

Disclaimer – LogoWhistle does not own the logos mentioned in this blog. The views and opinions expressed here are based on our own extensive research. If you find any mistakes/errors, please contact us with valid proof to back your claim. We’ll make the change.

Logo Design of Top Manufacturing Companies in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the top manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

Pricol Limited

Pricol Limited is a manufacturing unit which was founded in 1972, and started production in 1975. It supplies products for two wheelers, four wheelers, commercial vehicles, fleet management solutions, tooling solutions, sintered components, wiping systems, tractors, constructions, and industrials.

The latest logo design of Pricol is awesome and is designed in a clever manner where each color indicates specific features.

Manufacturing company logo - Pricol

Red color indicates “passionate”, green color indicates “sustainable”, yellow color indicates “dynamic” and blue color indicates “evolving”.

The below logo design is an old one of Pricol. They have modernized the logo design which shows they are updated towards trend. This revamp might have helped them to increase the traffic among clients.

Manufacturing company new logo - Pricol

Lakshmi Mills

Lakshmi Mills is a manufacturing company which was started by MR.G Kuppuswamy Naidu in the year 1910. It manufactures cotton yarn, polyester cotton blend yarn, lenzing micro modal/modal/tencel yarn, micro modal/modal cotton blended yarn, tencel yarn, and X-Static Yarn.

As the name of company is Lakshmi Mills they have designed the logo depicting the Goddess Lakshmi standing on a lotus. This is a traditional logo design and they haven’t revamped it since the company was started.

Manufacturing company logo - Lakshmi Mills

Shanthi Gears

Shanthi Gears was founded in the year 1900. It manufacturers  worm gear boxes, helical and  bevel helical, geared motors, cooling tower gearboxes,  extruder gearboxes, rolling mill gear boxes, textile gears and gear assemblies. They also manufacture custom built loose gears and special gear box sectors.

Shanti Gears has now merged with Murugappa Group and below is their current logo. The typography is both solid and lined. They have used orange and grey color. The orange pops up while the grey portion plays a subtle role. Manufacturing company logo - Shanthi Gears

L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd

L.G.Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd  was founded in the year 1956. It manufactures automotive chain, sprockets, tensioners, belts, brake shoes, fine blanking, machined components, and wire drawing.

The logo design of LGB has the company’s name. They have celebrated the 50th year golden jubilee recently which is designed along with the logo. LGB have not revamped their logo design in a while.

Manufacturing company logo design - LGB

Texmo Industries

Texmo Industries was founded in 1956 and it is an ISO 9001 company. It manufactures motors single phase and three phase centrifugal monoblocs, three phase open well submersible monoblocs, single phase jet monoblocs, single phase shallow well jet monoblocs, domestic and mini monoblocs, non-clog self priming monoblocs and more.

The logo design of Texmo is pretty trendy and can be recognized even in smaller sizes. The logo design can be used as a stand-alone brand element to increase the brand popularity and awareness.

Manufacturing company logo design - Texmo

Logo Design of Best Pump Manufacturing Companies in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the top pump manufacturing companies in Coimbatore.

EKKI pumps

EKKI Pumps was founded in the year 1981. They manufacture borehole submersibles, submersible motors, open-well submersibles, centrifugal monoblocs, jet pumps, regenerative monosets, horizontal multistage pumps, and pressure boosting systems.

The logo design has a pump structure which describes that it is a pump manufacturing company. The color of the logo is attractive and captivating. But, they haven’t revamped their logo design for a long time now.

Pump Manufacturing company logo design - EKKI

Cheran Pumps

Cheran Pumps was founded in the year 1992. They manufacture submersible pumps, borewell submersible pumps, open well submersible pumps, regenerative self priming pumps, centrifugal monoblock pumps, open well submersible pumps, slow speed domestic mono self priming pumps, and pressure booster pumps.

The logo design has the company’s name, attractive red color and bold typography. The tag line and lettering could have been placed in a better way for proper viewing.

Pump Manufacturing company logo design - Cheran

CRI Pumps

Coimbatore Rajendra Industries was founded in the year 1961. The company changed its name to CRI Pumps private limited in 1996. It manufactures agricultural pumps, residential pumps, building and commercial services, industrial pumps, solar systems, wireless and cables, pipes and valves.

They haven’t changed the logo design since the company was started.

Pump Manufacturing company logo design - CRI

Sam Pumps

Sam Pumps was founded in the year 1972. It manufactures products in the following industries like thermal power, pulp and paper, chemical, basic metal, fertilizer, mining, oil and gas, sugar, agriculture and sewage management.

They haven’t revamped their logo design right from the beginning.

Pump Manufacturing company logo design - SAM

Ventura Pumps

Ventura Pumps was founded in the year 1977. They manufacture mini monobloc pumps, pressure booster pumps, centrifugal monobloc pumps, open well pumps, jet pumps, shallow well jet pumps, submersible pumps, water level controller, drainage and sewage pumps, cables, engine pump set, and panel board.

This logo is designed with the company name. It has a gradient background in a rich violet palette which enables the text to pop up.

Pump Manufacturing company logo design - Ventura

Logo Design of Top Educational Institutions in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the top educational institutions in Coimbatore.

PSG Institution

PSG College of Technology, ISO 9001:2000 certified was founded by PSG & sons’ charities trust in the year 1926 and established in the year 1951. The campus covers 45 acres of land. PSG provides amazing courses in engineering and foster research and development.

The logo design of PSG college of technology has various elements which denotes various aspects of their brand.

Educational institute logo design - PSG

KCT Institution

Kumaraguru College of Technology was started in the year 1984. The campus covers around 150 acres. This college is an autonomous institution affiliated to Anna University which offers 13 undergraduate and 14 postgraduate courses.

KCT follows emblem type of logo design. The emblem has a book in it denoting the field of business. They could have enhanced the logo design by using multiple colors to denote fun and education.

Educational institute logo design - KCT

Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham

Amritha Vishwa Vidhyapeetham  is a multi-campus, multidisciplinary research academy which was founded in the year 2003. It also collaborates with foreign universities for regular student exchange programs.

Amritha has an emblem type of logo design with bold typography. The emblem clearly communicates the stand of the institution in terms of education.

Educational institute logo design - AMRITA

Sri Krishna Institution

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology a premier institution of Sri Krishna Trust was established in 1998. This self-financed, autonomous institution offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. The college has gained wide recognition for its tailored management education program.

The logo design has a blooming flower with pleasant and vibrant colors. Typography in the logo is not properly used. It could have been more bold and prominent.

Educational institute logo design - Sri Krishna

SREC Institution

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College was established in the year 1994 by SNR Sons Charitable Trust. SREC is an autonomous institution which offers 9 undergraduate and 9 postgraduate education programs.

The logo design has multiple elements and it looks like an emblem, a classic educational logo design. The logo could use some rebranding without losing the essence of the design.

Educational institute logo design - SREC

BIT Institution

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology was established in 1996. It offers undergraduate postgraduate, management studies and doctoral courses.

The logo design is a combination of their initials in a 3D format. The colors are used wisely but the logo design is a bit outdated. So, the institution can re-brand to attract more young minds.

Educational institute logo design - Bannari Amman

Karpagam Academy

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education was established in 1956. It offers arts, science and humanity, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, controller of examinations, and library courses.

Karpagam Academy has an elaborated logo design with a sunrise, book, and wings, which clearly communicates the agenda of the brand.

Educational institute logo design - Karpagam

CIT Institution

Coimbatore Institute of Technology was founded and established in the year 1956. CIT offers 7 undergraduate programs, 9 postgraduate programs, 3 M.Sc. programs, and Ph.D. related research programs.

CIT has an emblem model logo design with multiple layers and attractive colors. Layers in the logo design can be reduced to make it better.

Educational institute logo design - CIT

Logo Designs of Best Sports Club in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the top sports club in Coimbatore.

Levo sports

Levo Sports offers coaching programs for school sports programs, corporate programs, tournaments, leagues, camps & clinics, and membership.

The logo design looks like a person jumping with energy and enjoyment. A sport club with such a logo design attracts everyone. They haven’t revamped their logo design yet.

Sports club logo design - LEVO

Guna sports

Guna Sports offers coaching classes for tennis, skating, cricket, basketball, badminton and Silambam.

Their logo design has a ball which indicates that it is a sports company. The logo design can be enhanced to match with the current trend.

Sports club logo design - Guna


CC Football Academy primarily offers football training.

Their logo design exclusively indicates a football. The logo design has a good movement, feel, and a lot of energy.

Sports club logo design - CCFA

Lifespring 360

Lifespring was founded in the year 2002. It offers tennis, badminton and swimming classes.

The logo design  is very trendy and has a progressive movement in it. It can be further enhanced by adding playful colors to show the diversity of their brand.

Sports club logo design - LifeSpring

Logo Designs of Top Finance Company in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the finance companies in Coimbatore.

Sakthi Finance

Sakthi Finance is a non-banking finance company which was established in the year 1955 with 49 branches in Tamilnadu. It introduced refinancing for commercial vehicles and construction equipment’s which is a unique process in this company.

The logo design of Sakthi finance indicates the symbol of Sakthi which is Trishula. It is a traditional logo design and they haven’t revamped it

The logo design is prominent, bold and can be clearly viewed from a distance. And the colors make the logo design pop up.

Finance company logo design - Sakthi

Logo Designs of Top Real Estate Agency in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the top real estate agencies in Coimbatore.

Kovai Real Estate

Kovai Real Estate helps in buying and selling properties in and around Coimbatore and Nilgiris. They also provide services to customers in countries like Middle East, USA, Singapore etc.

The logo design clearly transforms the message that the brand is all about real estate. They also have an attractive tagline that connects savings.

Real estate agency logo design - Kovai

Logo Designs of Top Food and Beverage Industry in Coimbatore

Under this section, we have reviewed the logo designs of the food and beverage industry in Coimbatore.

Sakthi Dairy

Sakthi Dairy was started in the year 1994. Their major products are packed milk, ghee, paneer, butter, curd, dairy whitener and skimmed milk powder. At present, they sell around 2 lakh litres of milk everyday in all forms.

Sakthi Dairies, have used a mother baby silhouette in their icon to support the tagline they have – as pure as mother’s love. The logo design uses shades of blue and it is used in all their brand products like milk packets etc.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - Sakthi

ABT Foods

ABT Foods was founded in the year 1950. They offer various dairy products like packaged milk, paneer, ghee, butter, curd, dairy whitener, skimmed milk powder (brand named “Sakthi”). They also manufacture and market ready to cook products such as breakfast, snack, dessert and beverages under the brand “ABT Foods”.

ABT foods have been in the industry for more than a half century now. Their logo design looks trendy and the tag line also is designed in a way to implant trust in their consumers.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - ABT

Banana Slice India Pvt Ltd

Banana Slice was founded in 1967. They offer high quality banana chips, sweet banana chips, dry banana slice, banana chocolate chips bread, banana chocolate cookie, and packed banana chips.

Banana Slice’s logo design below was taken from the website. Not sure if they are using these in any of their branding materials. If it is their actual logo, it needs to be re-branded to create a good brand awareness.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - Banana

Agarwal Sweet Palace

Agarwal Sweet Palace was founded in 1988. They offer milk cake, ghee sweets, dry fruits, bengali sweets, savourites, chat, petha sweets, gift boxes. During Diwali, they even offer gift vouchers to clients.

Chances are less if a Coimbatorian doesn’t know this food outlet. They have been using this logo design for a long time. The logo design has a very unique lettering style which makes it stand out from their competitors.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - Agarwal

Annapoorna Hotel

Annapoorna Hotel, was founded in the year of 1960 and has around 1500 employees. It covers an area of 5.5 acres in the city. It has accommodation along with swimming pool and meeting room facilities.

The hotel is considered as the pride of Coimbatore. They just use their logo design in front of their premises and recently they have started using the logo design in their brand materials like packages etc.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - Annapoorna

A-1 chips

A-1 Chips was started in the year 1984. It has 200 varieties of chips, sweets, savouries and chocolates made of finest cocoa. It has 35 exclusive branches in Tamil Nadu. Their products are also exported to foreign countries.

A1 chips is a good example of how re-branding can help the company increase brand awareness and popularity.

Food & Beverage industry logo design - A1 Chips


Logo designs are considered as one of the most important investments for your brand. A company’s products and services can be promoted using a logo that incorporates your identity. Even marketing can be made more efficient by adding a logo to work and by building recognition.

If you require any assistance to design your logo feel free to reach us. We have a wonderful team who work together to provide you with a stunning representation of your brand. We also provide logo design services  web design servicesand website maintenance servicesContact us anytime, we would love to hear from you.

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